The hall committee is made up of the board (charity trustees) and the members.
It aims to meet once a month at the hall. Usually on the first Wednesday evening of the month at 7pm. We hold an AGM usually in December.

Everyone in our local community* is welcome to join the committee or volunteer to get involved in our activities. Please get in touch with a trustee, member or just come along.

Please contact us if you wish to share ideas, improvements or can offer support to the running of the hall for our local community.

We currently have three members of staff who are critical in the operation of hall’s maintenance, facilitating booking enquiries and its cleanliness.

Hall committee trustees and contact points:

Chair: Amanda MacMillan (Meetings, queries, feedback)
Contact :

Vice-Chair: Neil MacDonald (Hall care and maintenance)

Secretary: Angie Cushnie (Playpark sub-group and hall booking activities)  

Treasurer: Carol Hallam (Invoicing, accounts, applying for funding and grants)
Contact :

Willie McLeod (applying for funding and grants)

Eilidh Thomson (Playpark sub-group)

Members are:

Eleanor Macdonald (Playpark sub-group)

The Fairburn Memorial Hall SCIO currently supports three paid roles through its activities which are critical to the safe running of the hall.  The caretaker, booking clerk and cleaner roles are carried out by local people in our community.

*Our constitution guides that “(11) membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who are resident in Marybank and the neighbouring settlements of Fairburn, Muirton, Moy, Arcan, Aultgowrie and Orrinside. Employees are not eligible for membership.”