Our hall is open for bookings. Below are details on the facilities we have. Please get in touch to discuss booking the hall and your requirements. Contact Janet by emailing marybankhall@gmail.com

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements so we can guide you on the necessary arrangements in line with the current Scottish Government COVID-19 protection levels and guidance.

Operating during COVID-19 – In addition to the regular booking form, we ask hall users to complete our Venue COVID-19 compliant checklist
We require hall bookers to review it following any changes to the Scottish Government rules and guidance to stay safe and protect others during the pandemic. Please note that we it need completed and before a booking can be confirmed or restarted.

If you are looking to book a life event eg wedding etc, please do make contact with the booking clerk to discuss your individual requirements.  

The hall’s COVID-19 health and safety risk assessment is kept under review in line with Scottish Government and relevant sectorial guidance.

Booking the Hall

If you have looked at the Facilities page and wish to book the hall: 

  1. Take a look at the availability calendar below to see if your date is available.
  2. Look at the Conditions of Let and our charge rates below.
  3. Either, complete the booking and COVID-19 venue form below and email to the booking clerk, Janet MacAskill-Flynn, at the email address: marybankhall@gmail.com
  4. Or, email Janet MacAskill-Flynn at marybankhall@gmail.co.uk with your booking requirements,
  5. Or, use the Hallmaster calendar to make a preliminary booking.


Even if the hall seems to be booked – do with check with us it could change.

The hall is used regularly by local groups. (What’s on)

You can look at the booking calendar to see our current availability. You can make a provisional booking using Hall Master. This is a preliminary booking which must be confirmed.  Even if the hall seems to be booked – do with check with us it could change.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of your event/booking then you will be charged the full amount.  If we need to cancel your event/booking due to COVID-19 or unforeseen circumstances, you will not be charged.

Please cancel any unwanted bookings so that you are not charged.

Standard Conditions of Let

The standard conditions of let must be read together with the COVID-19 compliance checklist.  Where guidance is included in the COVID-19 this will be the current conditions of let.  For example, the capacity of the venue. 

Booking enquiry form

Email a copy of your booking form  to marybankhall@gmail.co.uk
If you need to make changes to your original booking please do get in touch.

Charge rates 

Guide to the hall charge rates

Event promotion 

We can advertise your one off event or regular booking free of charge on our website and on our facebook page. Just let us know the details.